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CelTivity™ by Aquyre Biosciences, Inc. is based on two proprietary technologies comprised within one exam. Within minutes, high-resolution images that delineate tissue microstructures (Full-Field Optical Coherence Tomography FFOCT – 1 µm in 3D) and intracellular activity (Dynamic Cell Imaging DCI), in freshly excised tissue, are provided.


workflow Integration

CelTivity™ allows for tissue adequacy from a fresh and unprocessed biopsy.  To scan and process a tissue sample takes as little as 2 minutes.  The freshly excised sample can then be sent to pathology, along with the CelTivity data. 

More than just a pretty picture

The results allow clinicians intraprocedural identification and interpretation of different cell types such as cancer cells, immune cells, granuloma, and others to properly assess tissue samples for adequacy.

Moreover, tissue depth exploration can be achieved at 100μm below the tissue surface with no cutting, staining, chemicals or sectioning required.

What is Dynamic Cell Imaging™?

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