Van Gogh

Current techniques for tissue adequacy assessment take time, damages samples, and can produce inadequate assessments resulting in prolonging procedures and taking additional biopsies.  These delays can prolong the diagnosis and impact a patient’s treatment timeline. Aquyre Biosciences’ Van Gogh addresses these challenges.

Powered by two proprietary technologies including Dynamic Cell Imaging (DCI), Van Gogh is able to analyze the biopsy at a depth of 150μm below tissue surface and measure intracellular and metabolic activity throughout. This process does not require any cutting or staining leaving the sample unchanged for final pathology to accurately diagnosis and perform next generation sequencing (NGS). Using light, the cell shape, size, and activity are highlighted in a heatmap making it easier to assess for adequacy.

Intended use: An FDA Class I in-vitro diagnostic medical device.

Van Gogh


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LCI Data

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