May 19, 2023

Aquyre Biosciences wins top award from French American Chamber of Commerce, New England

Weston, Ma- For Immediate Release Aquyre Biosciences, Inc. the creator of CelTivity, the industry leader in two-minute lung biopsy adequacy assessment, today announced that Aquyre Biosciences and its founder Bertrand De Poly have been recognized with the 2023 FAB Life Sciences Award, from the French American Chamber of Commerce, New England.

The FAB Life Sciences Award celebrates French and American companies and entrepreneurs throughout New England that make significant and positive contributions and achievements in the field of life sciences.

“I am honored to have been nominated for this prestigious award,” said Bertrand De Poly, Founder and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer. “To receive such recognition highlights the value our technology can offer not only to proceduralists but to patients.”

Aquyre’s technology uses light to optically analyze the intracellular activity of a biopsy.  This analysis takes two minutes and leaves the entire biopsy unaltered unlike current adequacy assessment techniques. The results are presented in easy-to-interpret microscopic image that allow proceduralists in-room to know if they have an adequate biopsy for final diagnosis. This past year Aquyre celebrated a major procedural milestone of over 500 biopsy analysis performed using their CelTivity system.

“We have had such quick and successful adoptions of CelTivity, for lung biopsies, in some of the top hospital systems across America, which lead us to hit an impressive procedural milestone,” said Samuel Eberts, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board. “This is a great acknowledgment of the achievements Aquyre has made in the past year.”

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About Aquyre

Aquyre Biosciences, Inc is the creator of CelTivity™, the industry leader in two-minute lung biopsy adequacy assessment. Powered by two proprietary technologies including Dynamic Cell Imaging™ (DCI), CelTivity can scan a biopsy and measure intracellular and metabolic activity throughout extracted tissue. This activity is presented in a heatmap, making it easy to interpret. The assessment does not require any cutting or staining, meaning the same tissue assessed for adequacy can go to final pathology to review for cancer, granuloma, lymphocytes, and more. Aquyre Biosciences is headquartered out of Weston, Mass. For more information, please visit