May 15, 2024

Aquyre Biosciences and Noah Medical host Dr. Stephen Kovacs at ATS Event

Weston MA. Aquyre Biosciences, Inc. and Noah Medical will team up to host Dr. Stephen Kovacs at ATS where he will discuss building a robotic bronchoscopy program and the value Van Gogh™ brings to his practice.

In 2018, UPMC Hamot and Dr. Kovacs were first in the country to use robotic bronchoscopy to see inside the lungs and extract hard to reach tissue samples for biopsy.  

Since then Dr. Kovacs has continued his pioneering spirit utilizing a microscopic imaging system to detect lung cancer called CelTivity™. UPMC Hamot is now one of the first facilities in the world to use the next generation system, Van Gogh.

The union of robotic bronchoscopy and real time biopsy evaluation have the potential to move us closer to a future where diagnostic yield is no longer a limiting factor