November 16, 2022

Aquyre Biosciences Reaches Major Procedure Milestone During Lung Awareness Month

WESTON, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aquyre Biosciences recognizes Lung Cancer Awareness Month by reaching a milestone of over 400 lung biopsy procedures completed using the CelTivity™ microscopic system. CelTivity provides an easy-to-read image, like a PET scan for cells, making cancer cells glow. By using CelTivity, physicians can be more confident in their findings and quickly provide diagnosis guidance to patients.

CelTivity is the only microscopic system on the market to provide physicians with a non-destructive Rapid On-Site Evaluation (ROSE) of a biopsy for both fine needle aspiration (FNA) and tissue. Powered by proprietary technologies, including Dynamic Cell Imaging™ (DCI), CelTivity analyzes the entire biopsy’s intracellular and metabolic activity. This activity is then presented in a heatmap, making results easy to interpret. The two-minute microscopic evaluation does not require any cutting or staining. As a result, the same tissue evaluated for adequacy is sent unchanged to final pathology for final diagnosis and next generation sequencing (NGS).

Image shows lung cancer detected using CelTivity™ microscope and virtual stain options. Looking at PET View (left) and Histo View (right) you can see on the right of each image significant cell abnormalities. (Photo: Business Wire)

“We are thrilled to have quickly reached such a milestone and accelerate the accurate diagnosis of patients,” said Aquyre Biosciences’ CEO Bertrand Le Conte De Poly. “This rapid adoption is testament to the technology and speaks to the future of diagnostics and advanced treatment options. We look forward to being on the forefront of that.”

CelTivity’s ease of use and easy to read imaging has led many top institutions to quickly adopt the system in their biopsy program.

“By using CelTivity, we’ve had over 95% concorded with final pathology. There’d be instances where we would be in a lesion and would see cancer using CelTivity, however traditional ROSE would say they didn’t see anything.” Said Dr. Stephen Kovacs, UPMC Hamot Comprehensive Lung Center, “We’d send the sample to final pathology and they would agree with us, that there was in fact cancer.”

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About Aquyre Biosciences

Aquyre Biosciences, Inc is the creator of CelTivity™, the industry leader in two-minute lung biopsy adequacy assessment. Powered by two proprietary technologies including Dynamic Cell Imaging™ (DCI), CelTivity can scan a biopsy and measure intracellular and metabolic activity throughout extracted tissue. This activity is presented in a heatmap, making it easy to interpret. The assessment does not require any cutting or staining, meaning the same tissue assessed for adequacy can go to final pathology to review for cancer, granuloma, lymphocytes, and more. Aquyre Biosciences is headquartered out of Weston, Mass. For more information, please visit